Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Stamping is Always the Highlight of My Week!

My friend Kaitie and I have been making cards all weekend long while our husbands have been out fishing. Of course they didn't catch anything, but they had fun so that is all that counts. On a side note, do any of you ever get into heated arguments/discussions over scrapbooking or making cards? Well yesterday we went out to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and this specific MAN told my friend that he gets nothing out of her scrapbooking. The nerve of him saying that. I was absolutely flabbergasted that he would say such a mean thing to her. I tried to explain to him the importance of what she is doing for him, but being the man that he is, he had to say something that was completely rude! I don't have to tell you that it got pretty heated after that. I am a very passionate scrapbooker/stamper and so you can only guess what I had to say. Anyhow I borrowed the layout from somebody's SCS sketch challenge. I will have to post which one later on, but for now I will just note that it is somebody else's layout.
I used my prismacolors to color the crab, sand and sky. I made the card 5 1/2" by 6". It was very easy to make and I think the simplicity was the key to making this card look great. I used waterfall stickles on the prima flower. Later on I think I will do a tutorial on how to make your crimper crimp in a straight line. Yes, I use a special techinque to make it straight. Until then, happy stamping!

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