Tuesday, February 27, 2007


These were some of the funniest pictures that I took of Molly. She is just hilarious.She had just drug all the stuff off my living room table (as you can tell from the mess behind her). I just thought the face she was making was so funny.

She is finally getting more hair. I was so upset when she lost all of her hair. Everybody thinks she is a boy, but under all the hair she doesn't have, she is the cutest baby.She fell asleep in her Jumperoo the other day when we were cooking dinner. She was just so cute when we found her that I had to grab the camera and take a picture. My kids are the best part of life (and my husband).

She loves her bears. Her favorite is this squeaky monkey. We couldn't find it so she had to settle for a green scented (it smells like green apple) care bear that her grandma got her for Christmas.

More Scrapbook Pages

Well I made some new scrapbook pages with the pictures that I took of Molly the first time she played in the grass. I love the way they turned out. I kinda used the same basic concept that I did for Caleb's birthday pages. After all, they are going in the same book. Anyhow on to the pictures. I know the bottom picture Molly looks like she is drunk, but I just thought it was such a cute picture. I know every parent has some pictures of their kids blinking or making some kind of odd face. This is the other page I made to go along with the first (obviously) and I used the rest of the pictures that I took and made the last page. I finally used them all. I took like a roll and a half of film of her playing in the grass.

Better Late Than Never

Well I made this card for my husband for Valentines day. I didn't want him to see it before I got to give it to him. Well actually I just pried it from his hands. Anyhow here it is. I also didn't put a picture of my coaster box on here either. I didn't decorate it yet, but I have been really busy for the past couple of weeks. I used the Dots and Dashes paper and I mistakenly put red ribbon instead of pink.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paper Storage!!!

I finally got a new paper storage cart. I have been looking for it for quite some time and since I live in fabulous (well if you live here you obviously know already that it isn't really great at all because we only have a Wal-Mart and HEB to shop at) Del Rio, I couldn't exactly go to a Michael's, Target or Hobby Lobby to get one. Anyhow I got a rolling paper holder, which in my case is extremely convenient. I have all of my scrapbook stuff in my daughter's room (she is only 9 months old so she won't be using the space anytime soon) and sometimes she is asleep and I can't very well go in and scrapbook while she sleeps so I needed something portable. Anyhow here it is. The bin container is removable and so is the lower shelf. It also has two plastic files that hang off the side of the metal bar (I have been too lazy to put it on but I will eventually get to it sooner or later). Michael's had them on sale for $49.99 (plus tax) and they are originally $79.99, so of course I couldn't pass up the price. Anyhow I already filled it full of paper. I recently put an order in and I ended up ordering a bunch of paper (what I told my husband I wanted for V-Day). Anyhow here is the picture of the inside. It has a nice clear plastic lid that opens and closes over it and also the paper bucket comes out so you can travel with it. By Friday I will have my new Purple Cow Paper Trimmer. I opted for the most expensive one of course. Marie generously e-mailed me a 50% off coupon for Jo Ann's and so I used it and only paid $34.99 (plus tax and shipping on the Internet) for it. When I get it, I will be posting a picture for all to see and also posting a review of the Creative Memories and Purple Cow paper trimmers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scrapbook Pages!!!!

I finally got ideas of my own. You see, I have a process. If I can't think of anything to do then I go into this mode where I borrow somebody else's stuff (as you can see from the previous post) and then I go into this self loathing and scrapbook loathing for about a day or so and then I am a scrapbooking and card making machine. It's kinda weird actually, but whatever works don't you think? Anyhow on to the pages.
I made this page (and it took me long enough) for my son's second birthday. He got a bunch of trains for his birthday. So I used the circus train stamp set. I also used the it's your birthday stamp set for making the background. I think it turned out really good. This is the page I made to go along with it. I still have a few pictures to mount, but they will have to wait until later. I still have to finish a few things for my stamp camp and my living room is a mess with all my scrapbook stuff. I had a few other pictures of Caleb eating his cake (well if you call it eating). I made this a few days after I made the other ones. But since it goes with the first two, I thought I would add it on the older post.

Monday, February 19, 2007


I finally started to work on my stamp camp projects. I'm not finished yet, but here are a couple of cards that I made today. I am going to be making a coaster box to go with it and a couple of other things, but here is what I made so far.
I know this is kinda a weird color scheme, but I really like it. I just got this stamp set Friday with a bunch of other new stuff (what I got for V-day-yeah). Anyhow it isn't anything special because I am going to have a few beginners coming.
I also got the Bugs and Kisses stamp set and made this pocket note with it. It says happy birthday on the inside.
This is also another simple pocket note. I used the Delight in Life stamp set.

I kinda borrowed this idea from you Marie. I just couldn't think of anything to make with this stamp set. Thanks for this idea. I finally bought some aqua painters. I already had water color wonder crayons. I just used a paintbrush before. I think it looks better when I used the aqua painters.

I like the Happy Harmony stamp set a bunch. I also got this idea from you, Marie. I just couldn't think of anything to do. I was having like a stampers block. After I made them, I made my own ideas and I am going to use them at my stamp camp.

Friday, February 9, 2007

A New Frame

I made this new frame for my son's room. This was one of the pictures of the snow that Caleb played in. I took the idea from the new SU! spring mini (available March 1, 2007). They used the big blooms stamp set and I used the snowflake spot set instead.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

New Scrapbook Pages!!!

I made two new pages for my picfolio last night. The first one is really cute. I made it with the Rough Edges Alphabet. This was one of the black and whites I took when it was snowing. Caleb wanted to lick the snow. I thought I would only add a small bit of color to it just so it didn't over power my picture.
The next picture is of when we first went outside when it was snowing. Caleb had seen snow the previous year in New York. He didn't much like it then, but this year he ate snow and icicles and even kicked some around. I don't think he knew what it was until he got his first taste of icicles. When I finish the other pages that go with this, I will post them.