Sunday, April 15, 2007

My own version of a RAK

I go to a spin class with my neighbor and we absolutely love our instructor (not in that way). He is the nicest and most positive person I have ever met. He told us that he loved hand made cards and so I decided to make some for him. I wanted them to be kinda manly so they are a bit different then I usually make. So far I have only made him four. In a way I guess you can say I am doing a RAK (random act of kindness).
I made a buckle card for this one. I think bugs are a guy thing and I thought it would be a little bit of a fun card to make. Of course I had to use my sponges.
I always did like the Like it a Latte stamp set and I didn't think I over did it with the girly frills. I had to think simple.
I found the idea for the rounded card off of somebody else's blog (although I can't remember whose or I would give credit to them). I thought it was a cute idea for a card. It didn't quite turn out like I had planned it to. It is too simple and I feel it needs something else.
Finally, I made him a masculine Roses in Winter card. I, of course, sponged on this card. I know it looks over done for a masculine card, but I couldn't help myself. I had to add the ribbon. It was the perfect touch to this card. I just love this stamp set. I think it is one of my favorites.

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