Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some Cards for ME!

I am a card hoarder! I started about three years ago (I knew about SU! since high school, but got into it in 2004) and haven't stopped since. When I first layed my hands upon that holy book (not as holy as the bible, although), I couldn't stop looking and I knew that I had found the perfect stamp company and I haven't looked back since.

I went to a crop at my friends house to scrapbook Friday and Saturday night. It was wonderful...peace and quiet, no kids, no dirty house to worry about and so on and so get the picture. I was supposed to be working on my scrapbook pages of Molly and Caleb, but I really really wanted to make cards. I made the ones in the previous post for somebody else and decided that I needed some new ones for myself. How greedy is that? I know, I am shameful *sighs*. It is an addiction and I just can't help myself.

My husband said to me the other day, "why can't you be like other women and want clothes or purses?" I replied to him, "why do I need clothes when I have stamps? If I could, I would tape stamps to myself and wear them as clothes!" I am sure you can guess what he said about that..he went on and on about how he didn't want any other men looking at me and well you know the rest. I think I have rambled on just about enough so here is what I made for ME!
I just love the petals and paisley DS paper and of course I have to use every single scrap of it. The green P&P DS paper reminds me of a place where you can find bugs. Don't ask me why, but I guess to me it looks kinda like Stampin' Up!'s version of a fancy jungle.I used Pretty in Pink and Barely Banana card stock for this card. I love the way the white organdy looks with this stamp set. I used the smooshing effect from Emily's blog. I just love looking at new stuff that she does...she is so creative. I love the way the banana looks with the pink cs.

Well It is getting kinda late (and my husband is glaring at me for keeping him up so late..yes he's one of those who won't go to bed without me, but I love him and think he is absolutely wonderful!) and I think you are probably sick of hearing me ramble so I will say, "Goodnight and happy stamping!"


Marie said...

Pretty cards Jennifer!! Looks like you actually got some peaceful stamping done - I wouldn't know what that is. ;) TFS!

jodene said...

Love love love your cards!!!! Great job.