Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Using Prismacolor Pencils

Well as I said before, I have been playing with my prismacolor pencils today and I finally finished the card. I don't know if any of you just wait anxiously for the post man like I do or not, but I love getting new stuff in the mail. If my husband didn't know any better, he would think I was having an affair with the mail man. But he knows that I only use him for my card and scrapbook stuff. That's right I said it, I am a user (well at least with the postal workers, particularly the one that delivers to my house). Anyhow here is my card.Can you see the stickles on the prima (I got six new sets of primas in the mail yesterday)? They are so cute. I used Star Dust Stickles. They are so cut. I am just a beginner at the prismacolor pencils so the colors that I wanted to use for the sand and sky didn't turn out quite like I wanted them to, but I think it looks pretty good for the first time using them. I just love getting new things in the mail. I ordered three more bottles of stickles today and I am expecting my cuttlebug, folders, a crimper, and a couple of other really cool stuff. I have become more addicted to card making and scrapbooking then I ever would have imagined! Hopefully today after I get back from spin, I will be able to make some more stuff with my new pencils and hopefully post them later on tonight. Until then happy stamping!

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