Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Candy Alert! Almost to 1,000 Hits!!!

Only 100 hits left until I hit 1,000! Whenever I do hit the 1,000 mark, I will be posting some blog candy. This will be the first that I have posted. I am so excited. I will give everybody a hint to what it will be. Think rubbah' and some other nice paper friendly products! I can't wait! Happy stamping!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fire Fighters

Well I just made a new frame for Mike's parents. They are both firefighters and I found this great paper at the Emporium that was made for a fire fighter's scrapbook. I also bought some K & Company stickers that matched it. It looks much lighter in the picture, but I can assure it is a very deep red on the paper. I didn't want to use any solids on this just so it wasn't so overpowering. Instead I used vellum and stazon ink. Hopefully we will be going to New York to visit them this summer. I am so excited and can't wait!

Another Card Tin!

I finished my other tin today! I decided to use it for envelopes and found out that envelope is too long to put on my tin (even with the smaller alphabet). So I just decided to put the word "cards" on it using my Big Deal alphabet stamp set. I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do with the handle yet, but am open for ideas. I didn't want to do the exact same thing to this one as I did to the other one. Anyhow if you have any ideas, please let me know what you think would be a good idea. Thanks and happy stamping!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Name Tags

Well I saw these cut name tags on Emily's blog and had to make some for my sister-in-laws (they are still in middle school). I didn't use as much ribbon, but as soon as mine gets here on Wednesday, I will add some more to them. I used the Doodle alphabet set and the Doodle This stamp set. I think they are so cute and the black just makes them POP! Anyhow I think it is just about bed time for me so I will say, "Goodbye and happy stamping!"

Buckle Card

Well I love the new petals and paisley DS paper so much! I have already used just about all of it! I made this buckle card with it and I think I am down to my last sheet of this paper (until Wednesday that is). Anyhow I think it turned out very nice.For the greeting, I used It's Your Birthday set and obviously I used the Doodle This stamp set. The saying says, "Someone like you should be celebrated every day." On the back of the card's buckle, I put two brads so that it looked like a real buckle.

Just in case anybody was wondering, I am posting all of these like this to make up for all the posts that I missed. I have been super busy trying to make swap cards and I also had to get ready for my crop that I had this past Saturday. Sorry and Happy Stamping!

I'm Done!!!

Well I finished all of my swap cards! I didn't think I would ever get them done. Marie hosted a spring themed card front swap and I needed some new demo cards and I love spring, so I signed up. Anyhow I liked the bravo burgundy and apricot appeal so much in this card that I had to use them again. I never would have thought to use them together, but I just so happened to find somebody else who did!
It is slightly different than the other one, but I still like it all the same. I also made another card the other day for a crop that I had at my house. I also used the Roses in Winter stamp set. I absolutely love the set. I got it for my free SAB set for my sales. I thought that the cameo coral and old olive looked really cute together. I got the idea from this site and made my own version of it. I visit her site just about everyday (among many others). She is so creative and makes really fun cards! I used some vellum to cover the whisper white card stock and I stamped the words on the front of the card in black stazon and then stamped the back side with cameo coral, real red and bravo burgundy. I did this step first because it would need to dry. Anyhow happy stamping!

Card Tin!

Well I got a couple of card tins from my friend. I traded her for one of my SAB sets, actually. I have been looking all over for them and when she said she would trade me, I was ecstatic! Well I altered it into a tin for my cards (and it's full already) and I haven't gotten around to making the other one, but I am pretty sure it will be for cards as well. Anyhow here is the tin I altered.Thanks Autumn for the tins. You can check out her blog by clicking here. She makes some really cute stuff so check out her blog! Anyhow I took an extra picture of the handle because you couldn't really see what I did with the handle. I looped the light pink SU! ribbon around the handle almost like a shoe lace and then just tied knots in the turquoise and black ribbon. I am going to add more Wednesday when I get my order in. I ordered a ton of new ribbon! By the way, don't look too close to my finger...I was stamping my swap cards and got bravo burgundy ink all over myself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roses in Winter?!?

I am doing the make and take our demonstrator meeting. I kinda borrowed an idea from Marcia Froese that got her card put on the Stamper's Showcase on the demo website. I did put my own touches on the card. There are some differences between hers and mine.

She used the Weathered background stamp and hers was softer shading around the bloom of the flowers. She also used a different word stamp set, but other than that they are pretty much the same card. I loved the card that she made and I just got the roses in winter stamp set and I had to use it.

Yesterday my mom brought my son home to me. He was at his other grandma's house and then went to my mom's house. I missed him a bunch, but I didn't miss him making my house a disaster area! I took this picture of him and everytime he sees it he tells me, "that's me mom, that's me!" He cracks me up.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photo Explosion Box!

Well I finished it, but didn't add any pictures to it yet because I have used all of the pictures of my kids. I have to wait until Caleb comes home to take more pictures.
This is the lid of the box. I am going to put pictures of Molly and Caleb in it once I get some to put in it.
I used my UHU glue to glue all of my box together. You can look at Maria's blog to view some UHU glue products. It was really easy to use and it dried in just a few minutes. This is the top layer. I used the new spring Petals and Paisleys DS Paper. I used Old Olive paper for this layer.
This is the second layer. On each of the under sides of each layer, there is a different color DS paper. I used Pretty in Pink paper.
Finally the is the last layer. I used Tempting Turquoise. It was a fairly easy box to make. It took me about an hour, but only because Molly was awake.Here is the final finished product. I got the instructions from Jan's blog which you can visit by clicking here. You can download and print the pattern here. Take a look at her blog. She makes very lovely cards, scrapbook pages and much more.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tombow Refills!

Well I have looked for a cheaper price for Tombow Refills and the cheapest that I have found so far (including tax and shipping) is $15.00 per box ($2.50 per cartridge) of 6 refills and that is if I buy 24 boxes of refills. If I am able to get 48 boxes ordered, they will only cost $14.25 per box ($2.38). Or if I order 72 boxes it will cost $13.50 per box ($2.25 per cartridge). If anybody is interested in purchasing please e-mail me at I will need to know how many boxes you want, your e-mail and your mailing address. I will only be accepting checks or money orders. Thanks and happy stamping!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Snappy Birthday!!!

I made a card for Mike's grandma. I just got my Crab and Company stamp set today. I know the colors are kinda weird, but she loves red and purple.
I made almost everything red and purple. I think it is actually not a bad looking card. It is definitely different. You decide though, whether you like it or not. On the inside of the card it says "a pinch to grow an inch", and that's saying it to a 71 year old woman. Well anyhow hope you like my midnight card.

UHU Review

Well I received some UHU samples in the mail about a week ago and now I will be reviewing it. If you would like to view where to get some UHU products visit Maria's Blog. I actually received two products in the mail. I borrowed the picture from the UHU website which you can view by clicking the picture. Anyhow on to the review. I received the UHU Twist Glue and the UHU Scrapbooker's Pen, which is also more glue. They are both very convenient and easy to store (which in my opinion is a plus considering my storage space is somewhat limited). Among many great qualities, the Twist and Glue is very unique. If you remove the lid, you find a narrow applicator, but if you twist the top, it reveals a applicator that is easy for spreading the glue over a larger surface.

On the other hand, I also used the Scrapbooker's Pen which is very easy to use as well. It has an angled square tip and is easy for getting in tight corners. The only precaution that I will offer is that you will have to limit yourself to how much you use. Too much can result in wrinkling or buckling of the paper (as is with most other glues). But all in all, I think it is a good product to use on paper and accessories. I would recommend it over most of the other leading brands of scrapper's glue that is available. I will be posting a Photo Explosion Box that I made using the glue as soon as I add the finishing touches (stamps, pictures and journaling). Keep a close eye out for it.

Friday, March 9, 2007

It's A Birthday!

Well my cousin's daughter just turned one at the beginning of the month and I thought that I would make her a card. For some reason I keep using Almost Amethyst and Pink Passion paper together. I think it is because I don't feel like cutting out anymore paper (I had some already pre-folded and ready to go). But I used the Eat Cake stamp set. I don't think I am very good at making birthday cards, but am trying new things. Anyhow enough jabbering and on to the card.I made it into one of those spotlight cards (I think that is what it is called, if not please correct me). I only did one candle because she will only be one. You will have to tell me what you think about this card and tell me whether or not you like it. This is just what it looks like on the inside. I used Creative Memories punches to make it layer like that. They come in a 1 1/2", 1 1/4", 1" and 3/4". Very convenient for layering. I also have them in squares, hearts, stars (which, I might add, come in all the sizes listed above) and I even have a punch that makes bubbles. They have others, but these are the only ones that I have. They also have a geometric multi-maker, a Disney Magic Maker, and a few other really cut punches. I love these. You can take a look at them at The great thing about them is they come in a set of two and they are only $20 for the set. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Baby Talk

As promised I made the card using the SU! glitter. I used the baby talk stamp set. I made it for a person that works with Mike who is having a baby shower and a going away party in the same day. Anyhow here is my card. You can't see the glitter in the picture, but I used it on the words. I used a razz berry glitter. I was going to add a little bit of pink gingham ribbon, but decided against it. Well hope you enjoy.

More of Molly!

Well Mike tried to put Molly in her walker and she just didn't want to sit in it so this was the end result.She was being kinda crabby and we took her clothes off and left her in her diaper. It was actually quite funny. She just wouldn't cooperate.She loves to play with her feet and as you can see from the picture, there is slobber all over them. It's rare that we get pictures of her smiling because she is so serious. So when she is in the smiling mood, we have to take all that we can get from her. I think this is the first picture that we have gotten of all of her teeth so far. I don't quite remember what she was looking at, but whatever it was, it was funny.

Happy Birthday!

Well I finally tried out some pearl Ex luminere powder last night. I thought I would use the new Eat Cake stamp set that I got that I haven't used yet. Anyhow here is what I made. I got this really cute velvety ribbon from Wal-Mart a couple of days ago. It was only $1.44 for four yards! I got one in black and then a regular ribbon that is dark pink with light pink polka dots. They had a ton more, but I thought that I would be good and get only three since I just put a SU! order in and got a few more stamp sets out of the Spring Mini. Anyhow I am going to try out some SU! glitter today so I will have another post up hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Update on SAB Sets

If you are interested in purchasing un-mounted Sell-A-Bration stamp sets that you did not get, I have some extras and will offer them to anybody who would like to purchase them. This is what I have left:

2 Happy Harmony sets- $15
1 Big Blossoms set- $15
1 So Very set- $15
0 Very Punny set- $20
0 Simply Scrappin' kits- $12

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in purchasing any of the following sets. It will be on a first come basis. Shipping will be based upon where the package will be mailed to. Will ship anywhere. Extra fees may apply for overseas shipping. I will be updating this daily until all sets are gone.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Purple Cows!!!

Well as promised, I am posting my purple cows review. I like the purple cows trimmer a lot, but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything bad to say about it. I found that it is bulky and kind of a pain to use when you only have limited scrapbooking space. I do like the fact that it comes apart from the big guillotine cutter. It has a good long measuring surface if they are put together. As for the smaller trimmer it has a swing out arm for a little added extra. The only down fall to the smaller one is that it only measures up to about 8". They are very light weight. More so than I expected them to be. I would recommend it to buy if you have enough space to put it on your work surface. I also own a Creative Memories paper trimmer. I love this one. It is the second one I have owned (of course the first one was a Fiskars) and by far my favorite. It is convenient and takes up a minimal amount of space. It has a 10 1/2" arm for measuring that is retractable. The only down fall to it is that since SU! card stock is so thick, it makes for changing out the blade more frequent than I would like to. It is also half the cost of the purple cows trimmer (that is if the cow is on sale, if it wasn't on sale, I would have paid three times as much for the cow). I think I would recommend the Creative Memories trimmer for people who have very limited space and were on a budget. On the other hand, if you had the extra space and money then why not go ahead and splurge and get the more expensive one. As far as which is better, I think they are both just about equally matched as far as cutting goes. But all in all, I think I will be sticking to the Creative Memories until I find a better one that suites my needs.