Friday, April 13, 2007

I Finally Got One!!!

Well I haven't got it yet, but it will be here next week sometime anyway. I won a cuttlebug on ebay for only $40! I was so excited that I finally got one!!! I also ordered some stickles and prima sprites. They too will be here next week sometime. Now all I need to know is if anybody knows if there is a good Internet store that sells the folders for a little cheaper. Please let me know if you know of one. I live on an Air Force base near the border of Mexico and all we have for shopping is a Wal-mart and an HEB. We don't have a Hobby Lobby or Michael's (sobs...) which is a complete bummer.

As I stated in the previous post (I think it was that one), I got some prismacolor pencils. The only problem that I had was that I ordered my stumps and gamsol from Inky Antics and apparently they were delayed on shipping for a couple of weeks! I was like, "OMG I can't wait a couple of weeks for that, I need it now!" I already got my pencils in the mail (and I got 6 light fast and 6 neutrals for free!) and I needed those things right then as well. So they have been sitting at my desk tormenting me all week. I haven't even sharpened them. What a bummer because they are kinda useless right now until I get those stumps and gamsol. How disappointing is that? On the brighter side though, I did get a shipment confirmation that they are shipping them today! Here is what I got...I didn't have this picture here before, but thought I would show you what I got.I am going to go to a crop tonight and will post what I made tomorrow or late tonight. Anyhow I just thought I would share my excitement with you all today! Have a great weekend and happy stamping!

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Marie said...

I get my Cuttlebug A2 folders (to use with my Big Shot) from Eclectic Paperie. I have a link to their store on my blog. As for your pencils, you do need the blending stumps, but you can use baby oil (it's what I use as it's not harmful like breathing Gamsol can be - pregnant or not). Gamsol, while odorless, isn't completely harmless - you just can't smell it :) I can tell you a couple other places to order from for blending stumps, "gamsol" and A2 folders for your Bug if you want to give me a call.