Friday, April 6, 2007

Organizing and Working Out

I have been kinda busy this week so I haven't posted or created anything. I have been organizing my stamp and scrapbook stuff. I was going to post yesterday and right before I got to click the publish button, my lovely daughter erased my post. I was so upset, but I didn't have a chance to re-do it because I had a ton of stuff to do. Me and my neighbor have also been going to a spin class twice a week and doing a regular work out the other three days (no weekends, I have to use the weekends to stamp). Anyhow this is what I have done with all my stuff. This is the top of my closet where I put all of my extra picture frames and my Creative Memories photo storage boxes. I also have scrapbooks and a few other random things up there.
These are the Rubbermaid bins where I keep all my supplies. As you can tell, I haven't quite finished organizing everything, but I am almost there.
These are just some of my stamps. I have another three drawer bin full of stamps as well. I arrange them by the size of the containers. The other bin has all my discontinued stamp sets. This particular bin has all my current stamp sets.
Starting from the bottom drawer and going to the top, I have my tool kit and punches in the bottom. The middle drawer has my embossing materials, hodgepodge and watercolor wonder crayons. The top drawer has my ribbon and my extra supplies such as, tape runner refills and blade refills.
This is the very top drawer of this bin. It has four small drawers and three big drawers. This bin has all my everyday use tools. This is just a single Rubbermaid that has all my stamp pads in it. I put them in one by their selves so if I needed to move them easily then I could. This one is of the other side of my closet. It has all of my portable storage equipment which is Creative Memories. I love their storage options. They have the most convenient, but cheap storage stuff.This one is my table and my paper cart. I put them by the closet so I wouldn't have to work to get to all my stuff. If you can see it, Molly dropped her pacifier under my table (I put my stuff in her room. I don't think she will mind though, she is only 11 months old).This is Molly's side of the room. You can see her sleeping that is if you can see around all of her stuffed animals. She loves stuffed animals. Also, you can see the mountain of diapers I go through every couple of months. My soon to be three year old refuses to use a potty and so I still have to buy diapers for him. Anyhow now that you have seen what I have been doing, I hope you can sympathize with me for not posting more this past few days.

I will be getting some new prismacolor pencils in the mail sometime next week and will definitely be posting. I found a site that had a set of 48 for $45! So far that is the best deal that I have found. I got them from Art Supplies Online. They have some great deals on lots of different art stuff. Check them out. They are usually 20% cheaper then other stores. Their shipping isn't very much either. Anyhow happy stamping!

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