Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UHU Review

Well I received some UHU samples in the mail about a week ago and now I will be reviewing it. If you would like to view where to get some UHU products visit Maria's Blog. I actually received two products in the mail. I borrowed the picture from the UHU website which you can view by clicking the picture. Anyhow on to the review. I received the UHU Twist Glue and the UHU Scrapbooker's Pen, which is also more glue. They are both very convenient and easy to store (which in my opinion is a plus considering my storage space is somewhat limited). Among many great qualities, the Twist and Glue is very unique. If you remove the lid, you find a narrow applicator, but if you twist the top, it reveals a applicator that is easy for spreading the glue over a larger surface.

On the other hand, I also used the Scrapbooker's Pen which is very easy to use as well. It has an angled square tip and is easy for getting in tight corners. The only precaution that I will offer is that you will have to limit yourself to how much you use. Too much can result in wrinkling or buckling of the paper (as is with most other glues). But all in all, I think it is a good product to use on paper and accessories. I would recommend it over most of the other leading brands of scrapper's glue that is available. I will be posting a Photo Explosion Box that I made using the glue as soon as I add the finishing touches (stamps, pictures and journaling). Keep a close eye out for it.

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