Saturday, June 23, 2007

Roses In Winter for You, Cathy!!!

I made these for my son's grandma, Cathy. I got the stationary folder tutorial from Oodabug Ally's blog. It turned out really cute and I love them. I made eight cards, the stationary folder and stamped the outside of the envelopes. I hope you like them Cathy!!!This is the outside of the stationary folder. I used kraft paper because I thought I would change up the color scheme a little and I think it looks more hand made.
This is the inside of the folder. I made a slight boo boo. I didn't make the folder sleeves expandable so I could only fit 2 cards and 4 envelopes in the folder, but I still think it turned out looking very adorable.Here are all the cards that I made for her to use in the folder. I used different brads on each of the cards. I thought it would look really cute. I used pretty in pink, always artichoke and rose red. I told you guys I would get around to stamping the other day. I just didn't get everything finished that day. Well hope every body's weekend is going great and happy stamping!

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