Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad Cards and Migranes...

I got my new SU! stuff from the preview the other day and after cutting all of the new rubber out, I didn't get to use it because I had to go and pick Molly up from my mom's house. I didn't get home until really late so I waited until yesterday to use my new stamps. It just seemed like everything I stamped turned out looking like crap! I even ended up ripping one apart and throwing it in the trash. I have hit a stamper's block!!! Then on top of not being able to stamp, I woke up with the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life! I got nausea and I felt like somebody was stabbing me with a dull knife in my skull. My darling husband went to the doctor for me while I lay in bed, and brought home some medicine. He brought me home some injectable Immitrex. I hate needles and told him that I didn't care how much my head hurt and that I would rather die then take a needle to my arm. So he went back to the doctor's office and picked up some more medicine that wasn't so painful to take. So here I am now with a whole day wasted because of a stupid migraine!!!! But on the brighter side, my husband is a wonderful man that I love so much. Well I hope everybody else got some stamping done because I sure didn't. Happy stamping and hope everybody has a great weekend!

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