Thursday, May 17, 2007

Caleb and Molly's Scrapbook

I finally finished (well all the pictures that I have so far) Caleb and Molly's scrapbook. I thought that I would post pictures of what I have completed. All most of them need is journaling. I am going to put the journaling in later, but for now here is what I have so far!

I started at Caleb's second birthday and will end with his thrid birthday.
I used a Creative Memories album and all the paper and most of the embellishments are Stampin' Up! For Caleb's second birthday, I got him a John Deere Cake made at a bakery I had worked at while I was getting divorced.
He loves riding his John Deere tractor. I think we will be getting him a motorized Gator for third birthday next month. I am sure he will love it too!

I used my prismacolor pencils to color in the circus train stamp set on both of these pages.

I tried to keep most of this album consistent with the titles and most of it I used the rule of thirds.

I am still debating if I should blend the color on the train or not. I think the bottom picture shows a better view of the train without it being blended.

I had just had Molly the month before these pictures were taken. I was so thin (I still am, but only a month had past by)!

Caleb had gotten a train set for his birthday and that is why I had chosen to use the circus train stamp set. Besides, what boy doesn't like trains? I thought it would be appropriate.

I think this is one of a few stamp set that I have that they didn't discontinue.

I put some of Molly's developmental stages such as rolling and standing. I have left some more blank spots because I have some more pictures to add to it and journaling to the page of her rolling.
The pictures of her standing are of when she first learned how to stand up and hold onto the railing of her bed.
I have to go run a few errands right now so I will have to finish posting the rest of these pages later. Hope every one's mother's day was great and happy stamping!

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Marie said...

How fun! Good job at keeping up with your scrapbooking. I never started and now the thought is overwhelming!! :) TFS