Saturday, December 23, 2006

Finally Finished!!!

I have finally finished all of the Christmas projects that I had planned to make. I am so glad it is over. I thought it would never end. Anyhow I added some embellishments to Molly's frame. I used nursery rhyme stickers instead of baby stuff. I just thought to myself, "she will be one in just a few months and it wouldn't be very appropriate for me to use them because she will be too old for them." I can always change it up if I don't like it.
I also made a frame for a friend of mine. She has a picture of her sons and her husband when they were all younger and they are wearing the same clothes in each of them. She picked out the frame and the paper that I used to make it. I think it turned out really nice. The only thing that I would have omitted is the way she wanted me to put each of their names below the pictures. But it was a gift to her mother-in-law and she wanted to make sure that she could tell the difference between the two boys (I spelled Isaac wrong by mistake, but I fixed it even though it is wrong in the picture. Oops my mistake).

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