Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I made my friends kids some frames for their up coming birthdays. They both have January birthdays so I made them both frames with their names.
They are going to be moving in about five months or so and I asked what colors/theme their rooms will be done in. She said that it would be pink or purple. I just mixed both of them together that way no matter what color the room would be, it would match. This is the card that I made to match the frames. After I made the card, I thought that instead of the ribbon I should have put the butterflies on the frame. It still turned out looking fine, but I can use the idea later or for something else.His room is going to be done in a western theme. He has cow spotted curtains and it will be painted blue. I found some paper (the very last matte on the letters) with little horses on it (even though you can't really tell from the picture) and it was perfect because along with the horses, there are blue polka dots that are all over the paper. I made my own cow spots for the background. This is the card I made to match Shane's frame. I used the same sticker set as I did in the frame. I ran out of the horse paper, but I think it looks fine anyway. On the inside it says "Happy Birthday Buckaroo". I saw the sticker set and knew that I would use it for the frame. It was such a good match for the room as well.

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