Saturday, December 23, 2006

Butterfly of Happiness Winter Mini Stamp Set

These are a few of the items that I made with the winter mini stamp sets. I bought the Butterfly of Happiness stamp set for my daughter, Molly. I know that the example in the book wasn't very good, but I bought it with high hopes. Maybe what I have done with it will change your mind. I made this scrapbook page with it. Molly was playing in the grass when it was still warm out. The flower in the picture isn't a stamp. I took a picture of the hibiscus in my flower box and cut it out when I got the picture developed.

Then I also created a card. I hope this will change you mind about not liking it. I went in thinking that it had potential to make beautiful work. I also used the new Enchante' paper to create both of the pages. Hope you all enjoy. I had a fun time making them.

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