Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scrapbook Pages!!!!

I finally got ideas of my own. You see, I have a process. If I can't think of anything to do then I go into this mode where I borrow somebody else's stuff (as you can see from the previous post) and then I go into this self loathing and scrapbook loathing for about a day or so and then I am a scrapbooking and card making machine. It's kinda weird actually, but whatever works don't you think? Anyhow on to the pages.
I made this page (and it took me long enough) for my son's second birthday. He got a bunch of trains for his birthday. So I used the circus train stamp set. I also used the it's your birthday stamp set for making the background. I think it turned out really good. This is the page I made to go along with it. I still have a few pictures to mount, but they will have to wait until later. I still have to finish a few things for my stamp camp and my living room is a mess with all my scrapbook stuff. I had a few other pictures of Caleb eating his cake (well if you call it eating). I made this a few days after I made the other ones. But since it goes with the first two, I thought I would add it on the older post.

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