Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paper Storage!!!

I finally got a new paper storage cart. I have been looking for it for quite some time and since I live in fabulous (well if you live here you obviously know already that it isn't really great at all because we only have a Wal-Mart and HEB to shop at) Del Rio, I couldn't exactly go to a Michael's, Target or Hobby Lobby to get one. Anyhow I got a rolling paper holder, which in my case is extremely convenient. I have all of my scrapbook stuff in my daughter's room (she is only 9 months old so she won't be using the space anytime soon) and sometimes she is asleep and I can't very well go in and scrapbook while she sleeps so I needed something portable. Anyhow here it is. The bin container is removable and so is the lower shelf. It also has two plastic files that hang off the side of the metal bar (I have been too lazy to put it on but I will eventually get to it sooner or later). Michael's had them on sale for $49.99 (plus tax) and they are originally $79.99, so of course I couldn't pass up the price. Anyhow I already filled it full of paper. I recently put an order in and I ended up ordering a bunch of paper (what I told my husband I wanted for V-Day). Anyhow here is the picture of the inside. It has a nice clear plastic lid that opens and closes over it and also the paper bucket comes out so you can travel with it. By Friday I will have my new Purple Cow Paper Trimmer. I opted for the most expensive one of course. Marie generously e-mailed me a 50% off coupon for Jo Ann's and so I used it and only paid $34.99 (plus tax and shipping on the Internet) for it. When I get it, I will be posting a picture for all to see and also posting a review of the Creative Memories and Purple Cow paper trimmers.

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