Monday, September 17, 2007

My NEW Stampin' Space.....

I recently took over my daughter's room and put all of my scrapbooking and stamping stuff in her old room. My son is going to school at his grandma's house so that it will be easier to move when the time comes for my husband to get out of the military. So while we wait, I decided that my son didn't need a room because he won't be her. I move Molly in his room and my scrapbook stuff in her old room (if that makes any sense??? LOL). I took pictures of how I organize my stuff....well the majority of it.These are all of my current stamp sets. I put them atop the towers and they sit beside my tables where all the magic happens...well crafting magic that is. LOL.These on the other hand, are all of my retired stamp sets that I chose to keep. There are quite a few that I couldn't bring myself to part with.
This drawer houses all of my cuttlebug embossing templates, my hodgepodge and a few other miscellaneous items.
Obviously this is the drawer that has all my punches and my crafter's tool kit. As you can see not all of them are SU! I had the colored ones since I first started stamping. I just didn't see a reason to get the SU! punches if I already had the same ones. Gotta at least make an attempt to save my DH some money....I know he appreciates it *snickers!
This has all of my adhesive, rulers, cutting blades, glues and just the things that I use on a regular basis. As you can tell I don't really have it organized because I think it would take more time organizing it then it's worth.This has cardstock that I can't fit into my paper cart and my Creative Memories paper trimmers. It also has my recently finished scrapbook and if you notice the black box, that is all I have to take when I want to crop and make a scrapbook. It is a nifty little box that Creative Memories makes that has a system that makes it easier for you to take your scrapbook in the making places without taking a ton of stuff.This is kinda my "junk" drawer. I just put miscellaneous things in it that won't fit in the drawers that I would like them to.I have three drawers of stamp pads and one drawer of Primas. I have the drawers assorted by color family. I put two color families in the first drawer and then in the second drawer I have the new In Color and my neutral colors in the same drawer. In the bottom drawer I put the old In Colors and behind all the stamp pads I have some stampin' spots.These are some cards that I have created and just haven't found an excuse to send them out....ok I just like them so much I didn't want to give them away. LOL.The ribbon drawer.....I know I think I need another drawer. There are probably about 15-20 spools of ribbon under all of that loose ribbon. One of my addictions....shhh don't tell anybody. I go to ribbon addicts anonymous!I keep my prismacolor pencils and my embossing materials in this drawer. It's not a very big drawer because I don't use my embossing stuff too often. I just use it when I remember to.Starting at the top I have all of my Bella stamps and some punch outs that I got so I wouldn't have to actually buy the punches. I know I know, I'm a cheater. The top right drawer has my Creative memories punches and cutting system. The bottom left has re-inkers, stickles, and a few other things. Finally, the bottom right drawer has, well you guessed it, more ribbon. It's all loose ribbon that I put in jars. There are three jars in there total.Finally, the last picture that I have of all my stuff. More paper and more scrapbooks. Well I hope you all enjoyed my stamping space as much as I do. Hope you all had a great weekend and happy stamping!


Nancy Grant said...

Oh wow!!! I love your stamping space. Mine is not nearly as organized and pretty.

Thank you so much for your photo tip. I am going to check-out the site your recommended.


rebecca said...

You put me to shame.... How nice to have your own space now, and such a well-organized working area.