Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Candy and I've Been Tagged....

Well to celebrate my birthday I have some blog candy! Having a birthday is always so much fun. You get great food, good cake and most importantly! Well instead of getting something I have decided to give something to my wonderful readers! What is it you ask??? How about a picture....or two.Here is an aerial view of all of the goodies you will get if you win.
I have included a variety of ribbon from the past SU! catty and some assorted velvet ribbon. I don't have any measurements on how much, I just know it is quite a bit.
This is a close up of the stamp set that I have to go along with it. I don't have the original package thanks to my wonderful 16 month old daughter :)...she destroyed it! LOL!
I also included 26 pieces of Bazzil cardstock. Not pictured is 10 blank coasters and a bit of Tack 'N Peel. I had originally bought it to mount my Bella stamps on, but I found out in the end I didn't need it. There is a small square cut out, but I figured since I didn't need it that I could give it to somebody who would use it.

How do you win all of this yummy candy you ask....just post a comment telling me what you traditionally do for your birthday. I usually go out to a nice dinner with my DH or parents and eat cake and ice cream. My friends usually take me out for a couple of drinks and some fun and my mom and dad get me a really phenomenal present. This year they sent me money to buy new clothes with ( fave). Please only one entry per person. I will "draw" a winner on my birthday at noon (which is Monday the 1st BTW) Texas time.

And I have been tagged. This one is quite amusing!

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet, current car) Kitty Taurus
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie) Mint Peanut butter
3. YOUR FLY “GUY/GIRL” NAME: (first initial first name, first 3 letters last name) J-Nel
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Green Zebra
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Michelle Galveston
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters last name, first 2 letters first name) Nel-Je
7. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink and add” the”) Blue Vanilla Dr. Pepper
8. NASCAR NAME: (first names of your grandfathers) Don Charles
9. STRIPPER NAME: (favorite perfume, favorite candy) J'Dore Butterscotch
10. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s and father’s middle names) Lee Wayne

Now I'm supposed to tag 5 other people....
Kimberly-Crafty Me
Cheryl-Engineered Expressions
Nikki-Military Wife Stamping Spot
Kathi B-Stamp Maniac

Good luck to you all and have a great week! Happy stamping!


Angel Wilde said...

In our home, the birthday girl/boy gets to choose what they want for dinner or we go out to eat. Of course there is cake too and presents!! Nothing more special than that, I'm afraid. GREAT blog candy!

Nikki said...

Happy early Birthday!!! For my birthday we usually go out to eat and have cake and presents at home. Nothing too exciting but I always enjoy myself! We don't live near any family so I get lots of phone calls and cards in the mail.
Thanks for chance at some blog candy and hope you have a great birthday!

jodene said...

I usually go out for supper with my husband and kids. Then I get to spend money on stamps. This year I hope to buy from High Hopes. Thanks for the chance. Happy early Birthday to you!

CAKVD said...

Thanks so much for tagging me!! I am honored!! My birthday usually falls on or near Thanksgiving. So my tradition is that I celebrate it on the day after Thanksgiving by going shopping for all the sales with my mom. I usually get all my Christmas shopping done plus a few extra things for me!!

cards by designs said...

my kids get to chose where they want to go out and eat for their birthday.

Pat S. said...

Hi Jennifer!
Happy Birthday on Monday!
Thank you for offering us a chance to win a gift!

My traditional birthday celebration is dinner with family. My brother and sister both live out of state, so birthdays are a great time to get together :)

canben said...

Usually DH will take me to dinner ON my b-day and sometime AROUND my b-day my in-laws will take me out. I haven't really ever had a b-day party - my parents weren't into that when I was growing up and the few I did have I had to share with my brother who's b-day is 4 days after mine (we're 6yrs and 4 days apart). And DH doesn't like them either (he isn't into the social scene.....) We do a party for each of the kids though.

Shelby said...

Happy early birthday! And... pick me, pick me!! It's my birthday today! :D

Well, traditions have changed for me recently as last year was my first year living with my boyfriend. We usually go out for a nice dinner (tonight, a delish Italian restaurant), and then my parents will have a dinner for me as well (yummy Ukrainian feast). Spent last weekend stamping and eating and drinking with some friends. Couldn't ask for more! :D

Thanks for the chance to win this AWESOME blog candy, and happy birthday again!

Plain and Simple said...

Happy Birthday!

On my birthday, my DSH usually gives the kids a talking to about being especially good that day and blessing mommy. What more could a mom want? A whole day of well-behaved children!

As for presents, I usually hint to them something that I want as my birthday gets closer. Last year i was hinting for a belt. I was convinced they got me one until I opened the present and found a necklace. My kids were really good about keeping the secret. No amount of bribery would change that.

Enjoy your day!

~ Jayme ~ said...

Well for my birthday, me, my husband and kids load up and go to Houston to see my family for the day. Then my great aunt or mom takes us all out for lunch. Afterwards we have the best darn cake in the world with ice cream. Then we rush home to do fireworks at dark...along with the rest of the US. ;)

Love the blog candy your giving away! :) And Happy Birthday too.

Cindy Vernon said...

I usually go out to dinner to a restaurant of my choice with my family and of course have ice cream cake!

Karen Gladney said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday. For my birthday I like to spend it with friends and family. I have a special cake and sometimes go out to dinner.

Great blog candy


Pattyjo said...

Happy Birthday to you and Thank you for being so generous and giving things away on your special day.
The tradition here is, its your day, so you get to pick all the meals for the day, your fav. cake type, ice cream and a gift of money or something you have wanted. In other words, spoiled rotten on Your special day. Then go to a good movie too.

Have a good one and thank you for the chance!

Kathy W said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is in the summer, so usually we go for a day hike to a waterfall, and then have a special birthday dinner with cake for dessert. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lilian said...

happy birthday!!! :)

for my birthday i usually like to spend half the day with just my girlfriends doing fun girly things like a day at the spa. then spend the evening at a nice restaurant with my husband. :)

scfranson said...

Happy Birthday! You have a wonderful blog. For my birthday we always have a family dinner and cake and gifts.

doverdi said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day. Lots of prezzies, cake & icecream.

For my birthday, the family usually gets together & we have supper & my fav ice cream cake.

Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies. I love the Bazille cardstock.

Pegg S said...

Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true!

I have very similar tradition -- I get choice of restaurant (usually steak because that's my favorite indulgence) and then cake with family! Nothing too exciting anymore, unfortunately!! :)

Linda SS said...

You are sooooo sweet to share your special day with us! My b-day is in January, along with almost our ENTIRE family. (9 birthdays in January!) We are so partied out & so stuffed after the holidays, that none of us even feels like celebrating. But generally we all go out to the birthday persons favorite place for dinner and get "after xmas sale" presents. We all share the complimentary dessert:) So many sweets at Christmas that we don't even feel like all the birthday cakes.

Becca said...

ooh hope your birthday is great!! one tradition we do is the birthday person picks dinner. nothing too exciting! this year for my birthday my husband took the day off to watch kids so i could scrap. that was awesome! your candy is awesome too!

Ila said...

On my Birthday we usually all get together (my family) and go out for supper....then we come home and have cake..we have a very nice time.

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness! You are beyond generous! What amazing candy! I hope you have an AWESOME birthday!

Typically, on my birthday, I get to decide where we go for dinner that night and what kind of cake/dessert we have. My husband is TERRIBLE about gifts, so he usually goes a couple of days after my birthday to get presents. NOT that I don't drop hints to him for a month prior so that he has a good idea of what to give me!! Turkey.

This year, I'm going to make a list of things I want to accomplish by my next birthday. My birthday is October 9th and I'll be 28 *yikes*, so I'm making a list of 28 things I want to do before I'm 29!

Thanks for the awesome opportunity! I hope you have a fabulous day! You totally deserve it!

Kathi said...

My b~day tradition is normally dinner at my favorite resturant followed by a wonderful gift from my hubby. We either go to a movie or go home for some quiet time, together. (wink)
The family either comes over the day after my b~day or on the weekend and we do the traditional cake/ice cream and presents.

Have a very wonderful birthday!

dd2njoy said...

WoW!!! Thanks for the chance at that beautiful candy!!!
For my b'day,we usually go to my favorite restaurant my hubby and I. We have no children so he usually spoils me with a nice gift and some scrapbooking stuff,yeah!
Happy birthday to you!!!!

rebecca said...

Happy birthday! You and my Dad share the day. I come from a large family and my birthday happens to be the last of the year (in October) and also the culmination of 4 birthdays within 3 weeks. I celebrate my birthday by making it a "me" day, since I always had so many people around and so many birthday happenings going on through the year. I turn off the phone, don't answer the door, it's a Federal holiday so I don't have to worry about picking up the mail, then I choose whether to spend the day in the garage, garden, craft room, getting a massage, or taking a roadtrip by myself. All my family and friends are aware of my wishes, so we celebrate before or after my actual birthday. Several have taken to doing it, too. It's very rejuvenating.

Wife2TJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Great blog candy, thanks for sharing!!!

Usually me and dh just got out for a nice dinner together. Now that we don't live near family I don't get a b-day party every year like I used to.

Hope you have a wonderful one!!!

Tami said...

I am single and live away from my family. My birthday usually falls right after school gets out (I'm a teacher) so I try to head home to my parents and spend the week with them. They usually take me out to dinner!

Peggy Maier said...

Our family birthdays are generally quiet - the birthday person picks the restaurant where they'd like to eat & then we head home for cake, ice cream & presents.

Jan Scholl said...

I do absolutely nothing for my birthday-never celebrate it or pay attention to it. All I know is I gotta have my tabs on my car by then

Nancy Grant said...

Definitely your choice of dinner. Could be going out to eat or a special home cooked meal. My husband used to have flowers sent to me but now he lets me make a nice stamping order. What a sweetie! :-)

Happy Birthday Blessings!


Shutterbug said...

We generally go out for a nice quite supper at our favorite Restaurant. Then we take a slow drive through the mountains and enjoy the scenery.


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to you...wishing you an awesome celebration!! I LOVE birthdays, and as I age, I've learned to embrace it with grace & dignity and celebrate with JOY for the rest of the journey! My husband usually takes me for a weekend getaway (usually to the States)for my birthday...for a relaxing, FUN holiday...staying in a hotel, going out to eat, movies, shopping, fun times!
Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy!!
~Brenda H.

Brenmarie said...

I usually have my friends over for a party or my friend throw a surprise party for me the day before!

janet allen said...

I hope your birthday will be full of wonderful surprises and memories. I quit enjoying birthdays by the time I was 35 and every year passes more quickly than the last, it seems. Since my b-day falls in the dead of winter, I enjoy staying home and having a quiet celebration with just family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for the tag!

Ghazal( said...

My birthdays are different each year. Some years we go out to eat with my family and some years my friends come to our house to celebrate the day. I really love birthdays! Yummy cakes and great presents ... Hope your birthday be full of fun!

Ijsbeer said...

Happy early birthday!! Hope its a great one:)

My birthday tradtion is to decorate the christmas tree. I have birthday two days before christmas so I don't really celebrate it, nor does anyone have time to do so. So to still have some kind of celebration the whole family decorates the tree together:)

Jules said...

Happy Early Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your special day by giving to someone else. To be honest, there really isn't a tradition done for my birthday, though I try to be traditional when it comes to my kids. Their favorite meal for dinner that day and some sort of cake or cupcake for them. Because that day it really is all about them!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! What sweet ROCKIN candy you are celebrating with your readers. Hope your birthday is as special as you are treating us. We do the get togethers with family, dinner, and PRESENTS (Can't forget them). This year my husband surprised me with a trip to Michael's. That was FUN...I think he put more in the basket then I did. He's a sweety! Thanks for a chance at this ROCKIN birthday celebration.

melissa roth said...

I cracked up when I saw your blog ticker with the countdown to your birthday:) My husband, family & friends always get annoyed at me for announcing how many days left until my birthday, months in advance. I'll have to get one of those tickers for My Space. I love my birthday (it's my favorite holiday because it belongs just to me)so I always make sure that my family has a big birthday bash planned. It changes every year, but it's always spectacular!!! Hope yours will be fabulous too:)