Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Gina K. Projects.....

I made a ton of new projects over the past few days that I thought that I would share with you all. They are using the new stamp sets that I got from Gina K.I love this new stamp set so much. The flowers are beautiful! I used my Copics to color the flower. I just started using them and they have great color.I got some tins in the mail with my last shipment of stamps and decided to use one of them. I put brads inside because I ran out of room in my CTMH eyelet storage container. In addition to the tin, I also got those really pretty flowers and button brads in my package as well.I made this card to match the tin. I figured when you're feeling sick you need something in case of emergency. Well my emergency consists of embellishments!I think the DSP I used is called spring flowers or something like that, but I wanted something a little more colorful to get into the mood.I based this card around the color and texture around the brads. Those I also got in the mail with my stamp sets. You can purchase all the brads from Gina K. Last but not least, I made this frame to match the card. I love the colors and the way the flowers look with and without color. Well I hope you all had a great weekend and happy stamping!


Zololkis said...

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Dumuro said...

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Marie said...

Hey there lady! Love these cards. I was hoping you'd give me a call sometime. I would love to catch up with you. Anyway, if you have time, I've tagged you on my blog ;)

Jeannie Phillips said...

I love this... its beautiful

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